"The double sense of Cura refers to care for something as concern, absorption in the world, but also care in the sense of devotion."

― Martin Heidegger

cura /ˈkuː.ra/

(n.) c.1300, from Latin, name of a divine figure whose name denotes to ‘care’, ‘create’ and ‘collaborate’.

Gaius Julius Hyginus (/hɪˈnəs/c. 64 BC – AD 17) personifies the story of Cura in his Fabulaepoem 220.

“In crossing a river, the Roman goddess, Cura gathered clay and, engrossed in thought, began to shape it. When she was thinking about what she had already made, Jove arrived on the scene. Cura asked him to grant it spiritus, “breath” or “spirit.” He grants her request readily, but when she also asked to give her creation her own name, he forbade it, insisting that it had to carry his name. While the two were arguing, Tellus (Earth) arose and wanted it to have her name because she had made her body available for it.

The judgment is finally rendered by Saturn. He determines that since the spiritus was granted by Jove, he should have it in death; Tellus, or Earth, would receive the body she had given; because Cura, or Care, had been the creator, she would keep her creation as long as it lived. To resolve the debate, homo, “human being,” would be the name, because it was made from humus, earth.”

We CARE for life.

We believe products should have purpose and a positive impact on life. It's our first responsibility towards the life to fit in the world we inhabit, not shaping it for our endless desires. We should support the nature, not go against it. We should not only design for today but also for the future generations.

Our goal is to bring sustainable solutions into life to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments.

We CREATE for people.

The first rule of building a valuable product is to make it valuable for someone. Yes, we talk about adding a meaning. As designers, we strongly believe in a human-centered approach that puts the needs and expectations of the human beings at the core of our design process.

This approach allows us to design products inspired by a deep understanding of how people live and how they experience things. Understanding the cultural, emotional, symbolic and commercial values and translating them into meaningful products and consumer experiences.

We COLLABORATE for success.

In the connected era, it turns out that design became a part of a larger interconnected world. The business culture and habits are changing constantly. Communication and collaboration is now at the center. In order to understand our clients, we simply talk to them.

We aim to develop a clear design strategy before the design itself. Our multidisciplinary approach has been the core of our strategic thinking to bring sustainable and long-term success to our clients.


We don't believe in the word "impossible". Impossible is the declaration of a result in an early stage. Instead, we tend to see it in the positive way: I'm possible!

We are insatiably curious and open minded. Our processes are designed to explore the unknown, take dynamic action and actively identify opportunities at an early stage.

At CURA DESIGN, we constantly question the way things are and how things could be. Curiosity triggers creativity and creativity brings the innovation, changing the impossible to the possible.

Let's change the impossible together!

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